Year: 2019


1st July 2019

The latest snapshot on young driver safety around the world

The safety of young and newly-qualified drivers has always been one of Trak Global Group’s core focusses, as evidenced through our Carrot Insurance business’ seven years at the forefront to date. With our primary global markets now experiencing the fullness of summer, which organisations including the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety have periodically described as… Read more


5th July 2019

How autonomous, electric and shared mobility vehicles plus IoT connectivity are shaping tyre development

One aspect of tyres will never change, even if affordable flying vehicles do become a reality. Tyres will always remain vitally important, as they are the only parts of a car, van or larger vehicle that directly contact the road. As TyreSafe, the UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of tyre safety, explains1: “safety in… Read more


26th June 2019

Video: Andrew Brown-Allan speaks to Insurance Business Magazine

Trak Global Group Marketing Director Andrew Brown-Allan spoke to Insurance Business Magazine about our acquisition of IMS, expansion into North America and the role of our Carrot Insurance brand. Watch the video on the Insurance Business Magazine website.


26th June 2019

How Big Data is shaping various sectors in 2019

Big data is a term that has increasingly been used in widespread forums over recent years and has perhaps grown in public consciousness through its discussed use in elections and even Brexit. The Institute of Physics defines1 big data as ‘a term describing the storage and analysis of large amounts of data which is frequently… Read more


17th June 2019

Newly introduced and forthcoming plug-in hybrids ideal for fleets

Despite appreciating the reasoning behind experts’ opinions such as Arval consultant David Watts, who wrote for Fleet World1 that there’s “no need to panic over clean air and ultra-low emissions zones” on the grounds that only Birmingham’s forthcoming charges look set to include cars like London’s ULEZ, we concurrently agree with the Energy Saving Trust2… Read more


11th June 2019

The UK’s smart motorways – are they proving successful and what does their future look like?

With the upgrading of the M6 between junctions 19 for Knutsford and 16 for Crewe where Trak Global Group’s headquarters are located recently having been completed after 3.5 years and upto a reported £274 million, we investigate whether smart motorways are proving to be more efficient and safe as intended1, 2. What is a smart… Read more


29th May 2019

Environmental, technological and other influences shaping the world of motorcycles as electric bike development accelerates

Although consumer motoring and fleet media predominantly focus on plug-in hybrid and electric cars, motorcycles very much remain a popular method of mobility throughout the world, so we discuss the latest market trends as emissions regulations, battery power and other forces rapidly shaping the car and van markets also permeate the two-wheeled sector. The current… Read more


4th June 2019

Carrot Insurance comments on government IPT consultation

Commenting on the government’s announcement that it has published its consultation into insurance premium tax (IPT), Ed Rochfort, managing director of Carrot, which insures young drivers said: “We have been expecting this consultation since the Chancellor announced a review in his Spring Statement. While we welcome the review, we were hoping to see the terms… Read more


22nd May 2019

The interaction of autonomous vehicles with their surroundings – what do the present and future look like?

With Elon Musk aiming for fully-autonomous ‘level 5’ Tesla models to be on the road as soon as next year1 – and with the UK government recently having expressed the wish to see “self-driving cars on our roads by 2021… on any road provided they are compliant with UK law”2 – autonomous vehicles (AVs) imminently… Read more


6th May 2019

Are traditional contract hire leases being phased out by short-term vehicle rental solutions?

A significant proportion of headlines and thought leadership commentary in leading fleet publications in recent weeks certainly paint a similar picture – that of the demise of traditional contract hire leases which, for the past couple of decades or so, have typically seen company car drivers keep the same vehicle for three or four years…. Read more